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The following poem was sent by the daughter of a deceased Maverick, Eric Busch. It is believed that he wrote it.

Maverick Guns
Sung to the tune of "Sink the Bismark"

In the year 1964, the Mavericks came to life,
The gun ships of the Delta were soon feared both day and night
They never liked the killings, but never turned one down
For they knew this was their job, so they cut them to the ground

The horn would blow and men would run to put their ships in the air
For somewhere in the jungle came signals of despair.
The Mavericks had to get there to cover for the crash
Soon rotor blades were flapping and rocket heads would flash.

They covered slicks from Soctrang, from Bienhoa and Saigon
In battles short but gruesome, they passed up not a one
There never was a mission could make them turn and run
Their punch was hard their bite was deep, to some it seemed like fun.

Some nights with parties going strong, the horn would interfere
Drunks would run and stumble and throw up all their beer
They couldn't see, but made it to their ships and showed no fear
For they knew the air would sober them, their heads would soon be clear.

They flew to Cam Rahn Bay to help the airborne in distress
And ended up in An Khe with all their very best
Some new men took their first hits but held their heads up high
For they knew they'd make good Mavericks and be proud each time they'd fly.

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